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      • Thank you for choosing our product. SQ PrintBar are confident that you will be satisfied with our Products Designer – a powerful design tool for your convenience place an order.

        1) Select Product - But before going to this editor, you have to select a product from the website or a popup product to show up when you access editor directly.

        2) Images - This tab allows you upload your pictures, or get them from your social account or some free image stocks.

        To use them, just click on them to add to design editor.

        3) Text - To use text in your design, just reach to this tab and select pre-made texts or select font style you want to add then click to add them.

        To show more font styles, just press Load more 1000+ Fonts the new popup show up which allow you add more fonts to list.

        4) Cliparts - This tab allows you reach to ideas you want to use via the search box and categories filter.

        To view more details about clipart just mouseover the (i) icon, the large viewer shows up with more clipart details such as name, price, tags…

        To add clipart to the design area, just click on them.

        5) Shapes - Similar clipart, this tab allow you reach to ideas you want to use via the search box and categories filter. But Shapes are vector format which helps design have smooth details when zoom or export to big size without mess up.

        To add shapes to the design area, just click on them.

        6) Drawing - This tab is setting to prepare draw info. You can select a color, size of the bush.

        Just click on the color you want to use and draw what you want into editor area.

        7) Layers - All layers which you added to design display on this tab. You can show/hide layers via visibility option. Or delete layers.

        To change order to back or forward other layers, just drag and drop them.

        Lock/Unlock layers to Disable/Enable modify tools on that one.

        Creating Memories With You

      • File

        New Design: Start new empty design for the current product.

        Import Design: Import design from your local which you exported from SQ PrintBar

        Clear all: Clear current design to empty

        Save to my design: save current content on design area to My Design Templates

        Download: export your design to JPG

        My Design Templates

        This is management of all your designs on current PC/Tablet/SmartPhone

        With each design, you can duplicate or focus edit and delete it.

        To start new design just press New Design button


        Create the link to share your current design for everyone

      • This is the most important part of SQ PrintBar Design Editor. It is preview and workspace for all layers you added.

        To adjust layer, just use the mouse to click on them or select all of them via drag mouse.

        There are parts of design area:

        1. Current colors: all colors used in this design. Colors extracted from images, text and other resources.

        2. Zoom tools

        3. Stages switcher: switch design view to other stage or product.

        4. Toolbar: The options for selected layers.

        5. Borders of design area: the range of layers arranged

        Image Toolbar

        With an image added into design area. There are some options for it. To enable options, just click on an image and see the top toolbar as below:

        Crop Image

        The image is cropped with the exact position you put into the viewer.

        Qr Code

        Change the "Your QRCode text" to your own wording

        You can move and scale the size of QR Code.

        Image Mask

        Do you want to make text with complex background from another image?

        Yeah, it does that with Text Mask feature.

        Remove Background

        Sometimes you have light or dark background which make image ugly, and you want to remove them.

        Doing that with this feature is easy.

        Image Filter Effects

        This feature helps you make the image have a great effect as a filter of the camera.

        There are 20+ effects ready to use.


        When you move a shape or layers, it will align or “snap to” the nearest intersection of lines in center points, even if the grid is not visible, or snap to other image or layers. If your shape or layers do not move where you want, turn off the Auto Snap options.

        Follow steps to work with the tool:

        1. Deselect all layers.

        2. The Auto Snap tool will display on top right of design area

        3. Click on Auto Snap link on toolbar

        4. Turn the Auto Snap Mode to On

        5. To disable, just switch Auto Snap Mode to Off


        When you want to put layers into the bottom right corner or make it center. It takes you some seconds to do that. But with Layer Position tool, layers are placed in the correct position with one click.

        Follow steps to work with the tool:

        1. Select layer you want to move

        2. Click on Position icon on toolbar

        3. Choose position you wish to move layer to

        Fill Color

        With some object such as shape, image, text. The Fill Color helps users fill a solid color with that objects.

        Follow steps to work with the tool:

        1. Select layer you want to fill color

        2. Click on Fill Color icon on toolbar

        3. Select color from preset colors or enter a custom value by click on input ‘Click to choose color‘.

        4. To save custom color just press the plus (+) button next to input.

        5. Transparent help you change the opacity of filled color with below layers.

        Stroke width + Stroke color help you make the border color for current layer.

        Arrange Layers

        The Design Editor works base on layers; it means the higher layers were looked first.

        Arrange layers tool helps you change the position of the current layer with other layers. You can set a layer for Forward position or Back position with other ones.

        Follow steps to work with the tool:

        1. Chose layer you want to change.

        2. Click on Arange Layers icon on the toolbar.

        3. Select Forward or Back action to change order.

        Transform Manual

        When use transform tool directly, it is hard to know how many angles rotated or flipped.

        The Design Editor provide a manual way to set transform values for a layer.

        Follow steps to work with the tool:

        1. Chose layer you want to change.

        2. Click on Transform icon on the toolbar.

        3. Adjust values you want to set

        The values you can set for the object as bellow:

        - Rotate: the edge of an object. start from 0 – 360

        - Skew X: skews layer along the X-axis by the given angle

        - Skew Y: skews layer along the Y-axis by the given angle

        - Flip X: Horizontal flip your layer

        - Flip Y: Vertical flip your layer.

        Of course, you can cancel all applied values by press the Reset All Transform button.

      • SQ PrintBar has preview cart with cart items you added. To view more items in the cart just press View Details button.

        In the View Details popup, you can see more details for a product such as an attribute selected, the price for each them and subtotal price, total price as well.

        To go to checkout, please press the Checkout button.

        Thank you for choosing us

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        All Rights Reserved.

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    Click or drop images here

      Click or drag to add text

        Free drawing mode

        Save this color
          Tips: Mouse wheel on the canvas to quick change the brush size
          • Start designing by adding objects from the left side
          • All selected objects are grouped | Ungroup?
          • Group objects Group the position of selected objects
            • Fill options

              Save this color

            • Create QRCode
            • Options
              • Automatically align the position of
                the active object with other objects
              • ON: Keep all current objects and append the template into
                OFF: Clear all objects before installing the template
              • Replace the selected image object instead of creating a new one
            • Replace image
            • Crop
            • Mask
              • Select mask layer

            • Remove background
              • Remove background

              • Deep:

              • Mode:

            • Filters
              • Filters

                • Original
                • B&W
                • Satya
                • Doris
                • Sanna
                • Vintage
                • Gordon
                • Carl
                • Shaan
                • Tonny
                • Peter
                • Greg
                • Josh
                • Karen
                • Melissa
                • Salomon
                • Sophia
                • Adrian
                • Roxy
                • Singe
                • Borg
                • Ventura
                • Andy
                • Vivid
                • Purple
                • Thresh
                • Aqua
                • Edge wood
                • Aladin
                • Amber
                • Anne
                • Doug
                • Earl
                • Kevin
                • Polak
                • Stan

              • Brightness:

              • Saturation:

              • Contrast:

            • Clear Filters
            • Click then drag the mouse to start drawing. Ctrl+Z = undo, Ctrl+Shift+Z = redo
            • QRCode text
            • Fill options
              • Fill options

                Save this color

                • Transparent:

                • Stroke width:

                • Stroke color:

              • Ungroup position
              • Arrange layers
              • Position
                • Object position

                  Lock object position:

                • Center vertical
                • Top left
                • Top center
                • Top right
                • Center Horizontal
                • Middle left
                • Middle center
                • Middle right
                • Press ← ↑ → ↓ to move 1 px,
                  Hit simultaneously SHIFT key to move 10px
                • Bottom left
                • Bottom center
                • Bottom right
              • Transforms
                • Rotate:

                • Skew X:

                • Skew Y:

                • Flip X:
                  Flip Y:

                  Free transform by press SHIFT+⤡

              • Font family
              • Edit text
                • Edit text

                • Font size:

                • Letter spacing

                • Line height

              • Text Effects
                • Text effects

                • Radius

                • Spacing

                • Curve

                • Height

                • Offset

                • Trident

              • Text align
              • Uppercase / Lowercase
              • Font weight bold
              • Text style italic
              • Text underline

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